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FlipSell – a safer way to sell your second hand goods

Confession time: I’ve never used a second hand buying and selling site to sign items. I’ve been sitting with a really impressive Nikon DSLR Camera lens that I need to get rid of but I’m just not interested in advertising it on a second hand website. There are a few reasons why:

1. I really don’t have the time to field a stack of emails and phone calls enquiring about the item and wasting my time.

FlipSell Website

I once tried to sell some second hand horse riding items online. I advertised on Facebook and it was a complete headache. I got inundated with inbox messages asking questions and trying to barter on price. I had people wanting to meet with me to see the goods and asking a million questions only to announce they actually didn’t have any money and could I hold on to the items when they did. It was a complete headache.

2. I’m extremely nervous about meeting up with strangers.

FlipSell Website

I’m a 29 year old single female. I don’t want to meet up with a stranger to show them an item. Yes, we could meet in a public place but sometimes for bigger items that isn’t possible. I don’t want a stranger getting access to my telephone number and my home address. I don’t want a stranger coming to my home. I don’t feel safe.

3. Do you know what a mission it is to organise shipping?

FlipSell Website

If you find a buyer you need to arrange a money transfer, then you need to arrange a courier, then you need to package the item so it doesn’t get damaged, then you need to insure it to make sure it doesn’t get damaged in transit. Admin, YUCK!

That’s why I’m completely in love with FlipSell.

FlipSell Website

FlipSell is a new website that has recently been launched to help you sell and buy second hand goods safely and securely. Most other second hand sites simply allow you to advertise your product but then everything else is on your shoulders. FlipSell is a little bit different.

  • For starters they handle everything. You never deal with with the buyer or seller direct.
  • You set up your advert with a brief description, some pictures and your asking price.
  • If someone is interested in your product they can make you an offer. You receive the offer via text message or email and can choose to accept or decline.
  • Once you accept an offer FlipSell accepts the payment for you from the buyer.
  • You select when the item must be delivered and FlipSell arranges to collect it from you. They handle the courier and also insure the item for you. When they collect it goes in to a tamper proof bag and you only ever deal with the courier. Easy as!
  • The item is delivered to the buyer. They can then select that they are happy with their purchase. Only then does FlipSell release the money to you, the seller.

Safe, secure and no scams!

FlipSell Website

I love that you never deal with the seller or buyer. FlipSell always plays middle man. I feel far safer, my contact details aren’t all over the internet and I’m not fielding a million calls or dodgy emails. There are so many scams online where people take your money and goods never arrive. I’ve heard horror stories of friends getting caught out. FlipSell stops all of that which is a big plus in my books. I also like that they hold payments. If you get sent something dodgy, not working or that doesn’t represent the item advertised you can let them know. You don’t get ripped off and lose money. This is going to go a long way to stop dodgy online scams.

I did a Snapchat story recently where I mentioned that someone had found my profile on Tinder and then somehow got hold of my personal cell number. The problem with these online buying and selling sites is that, many a time, you have to make your contact details available and then they’re out on the internet for all to see. FlipSell stops this from happening and keeps you safe.

I’m finally feeling brave enough to sell my camera lens online.

What do you think I should purchase with the moola I get?

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