Bytesized | 24 June 2016

Game of Thrones gets a 90’s makeover, send your loved ones amazing compliments, how trolling can be used for good, a funny weather app that gets you and a Cyanide & Happiness cartoon to make your day. All this in Bytesized.

Send your loved ones a random compliment & make their day

Pick your favourite compliment and send it to a friend via Facebook or Twitter. Click here to send a compliment to your BFF.

compliments 1 compliments 2 compliments 3

[Tweet “Send pre generated compliments to your friends #BytesizedZA”]

Twitter trolling for good

Yes trolling can be positive and PASSOP have done just that. Everytime someone posts the word refugee on Twitter, they RT your tweet, but change the word refugee to human being. This is such an effective campaign.

passop refugee human being campaign


Game of Thrones gets a 90’s makeover

This is amazing. And that is all.

[Tweet “Game of Thrones if it was made in the 90s. This will make your day”]


The most awesome weather app ever

Funny Or Die Weather will blow the doors off your stupid, boring, old weather app. Follow the most trusted name in meteorology, Funny Or Die, as they guide you through the uncertain world of changing weather. See even their write up is awesome. The daily thought makes my day. 

Get it on    iOS  or    Android.

funny or die has a weather app

Not a morning person

Cyanide and Happiness have the best cartoons.


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