Bytesized | 17 June 2016

This gran’s polite Google search will melt your heart, some monkey business, Marvel superheroes are just like you and me, in that they take selfies, you can actually retweet yourself (and you’ll never guess who actually did this) plus a tech world first for Mongolia.


Search: this Gran’s polite Google search will melt your heart


To read more about the polite Google search, click here. 

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TWITTER: you can now retweet yourself

And in the wise words of Harold and Kumar, “Just because you’re hung like a moose, doesn’t mean you gotta do porn”. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should unless you want to be like Trump. Yes, The Donald actually retweeted himself. Not sure why I’m so surprised though.



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IMAGE: toy photographer takes pictures of Marvel superheroes going about their everyday lives

Hrjoe takes pictures of Marvel superheroes in weird and wonderful situations. It’s nice to see that superheroes take selfies too.

Superhero Photos

Superhero Photos

To view more Marvel superheroes in odd situations, visit Laughing Squid here. 

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HEADLINE: you really can’t make this stuff up

funny but true headline africa

A vervet monkey fell onto a transformer, causing a 3 hour national blackout. The monkey, who survived, was given to a wildlife sanctuary. This almost sounds too hard to be true, the equivalent of the dog ate my homework or the coal got wet. My favourite line to come out of all of this, has to be from the New York Times:

“Kenyan consumers have long suspected a little monkey business when it comes to their power bills, but the news making its way around the country on Wednesday was almost too much to believe.” I can imagine the journo cracking up as he wrote those words.

monkey at a powerstation

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TECH WORLD FIRST: Mongolia is the first country to scrap addresses for 3 word phrases

A while back we reviewed What-3-Words, an app that breaks the world up into grids, each with their own 3 word address. This allows everyone in the world, even those in remote and rural areas, to have an address.

Mongolia is the first country (government system) to ditch street names and numbers in favour of 3 words. This is because Mongolia is one of the most sparsely populated countries and most places don’t have street names.  FUN FACT: The UN already uses this system.


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