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Extreme coupons just went digital with Snap n Save

PLEASE NOTE: The chocolate offer has been used up and the promo code will not work 🙁 

I’ve never been very good with coupons or gift vouchers. I get a little piece of paper telling me I’ve earned a discount or a freebie, I get excited and then…. I forget. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve arrived a till only to remember that my little discount voucher is sitting on my dining room table in my flat.

Oh well.

snapnsave how to

The cost of stuff has gone through the roof. My friend Hans over at Vamers recently snapped about how he couldn’t believe that a trip to a local pharmacy had ended up costing him more than R1000, yet he had purchased one bag of stuff that, a few months ago likely didn’t go past the R500 mark (that reminds me, if you’re on Snapchat click here to add me, I’ll add you back!). Suddenly extreme coupons became my source material and all the little bits of paper I’ve collected over the months are filling my hand bag.

However, extreme coupons has now gone digital

snapnsave how to

Turns out I can toss all those little scraps of paper thanks to a new South African app called Snap n Save. It’s a bit like couponing for the digital savvy and suits me really well. It is also easy for even my smartphone illiterate mom to figure out.

snapnsave how to

Instead of discounts on items you might not really want, you get CASH BACK on your favourite purchases. Here’s how:

  • Before you head to the shops log on to the website or download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • On sign up you only have to produce a mobile number and email address
  • Use the promo code “TECHGIRL” on sign up to automatically earn R10 in your Snap n Save Wallet
  • Once registered you’ll be presented with a host of “offers” that you can book. I usually check the offers before walking in to the store and book the discounts I want to use.
  • Purchase as normal.
  • When you leave the store snap a picture of your till slip on the app and you’ll get money back in your Snap n Save Wallet.
  • When you want to withdraw your funds from your wallet request a WiCode which you can use to pay at most major retailers.

snapnsave how to

It is so simple and easy to use. To help you navigate the new world of extreme coupons and Snap n Save I’ve joined forces with the app to help you get started. Sign up and use the promo code TECHGIRL to immediately get R10 in your wallet. Then head to your favourite store, purchase a Cadbury’s Top Deck slab (my absolute favourite chocolate!!!), use the TECHGIRL promo code again and snap your till slip. You’ll get R10 cash back on your Cadbury’s Top Deck purchase.

snapnsave how to

So I’m gifting you the cost of the chocolate to test out the app. When you’ve done that I’d love it if you could tweet me or comment here and let me know how it went? 

Use your unlock code TECHGIRL to unlock your Cadbury’s Top Deck offer!


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