Bytesized | 10 June 2016

We check out the new emoji updates (the egg plant finally has a rival), see what famous brands’ first logos looked like (McDonalds went in a completly different direction), find out who is making the money (ka ching) and more in Bytesized.


We’ve got new emoji.

The board of emoji (I made that up), they are actually an NPO that approves the unicode standard on the web, have released an emoji update. Here are my top picks.  View the full list of new emojis here. 

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With the cucumber on the scene, the eggplant can rest for a while.
Face palm – the voice of our generation.


Famous logos before and after. We’ve come a long way baby.

Take a look at the first versions of famous logos. To view more original logos, go here. 

lego logo first and current

McDonalds first logo

nintendo first logo



Guess why this bird is orange.


The seagull fell into curry powder while eating curry from a trashcan.

The bird after his wash.


The money makers

HIGHEST PAID MP: Julius Malema earns R1.2m a year or R101k a month. The average MP earns R1m a year or R86k a month.


HIGHEST PAID ACTOR: Leonardo Di Caprio is the highest paid actor, making $77m (R1142810900) per movie. 

RICHEST WOMAN #1: Liliane Bettencourt, the L’Oreal heiress is the richest woman in the world with $36.1 bn.  (#11 in the world, just before the Google guys)

RICHEST IN THE WORLD: Bill Gates with $75 billion, Amancio Ortega who owns Zara is worth $67 billion and William Buffet with $60.8 billion. 

RICHEST IN AFRICA: Aliko Dongot, $14.5 billion from Nigeria earned his fourtune from telecoms, oil and real estate. 

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