Beats Pill +

The Beats speaker you want but cannot afford





What you need to know:

  • Available in Black or White from the iStore
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • You can charge your phone with the speaker
  • 3 hour charge gives the Pill 12 hours battery life
  • Connect to an app for additional features

What I think you should know:

Beats Pill +

I’m a sucker for Dre. I know the stuff is over priced but I love what he did with the Beats brand. He marketed tech as a lifestyle product and gave it the cool factor so many other headphone and speaker brands lacked. His products look sexy. I also happen to like Dre. So yeah, I’m a fan of the Beats range. The Beats Pill + is the latest offering and available at the iStore – with a price tag that causes me to back away super fast.

Beats Pill +

I’ve given you a first look at the Beats Pill + in my recent gadget haul video which you can watch by clicking here (it opens in a separate browser window so you don’t lose this review).

I had some time to play with the Beats Pill +. Out of the box it is incredibly sexy to look at. Sleek and stylish with a rounded design that effortlessly makes it fit comfortably in to any aesthetic. I really think it looks better than most bluetooth speakers I get sent. They’re usually lumo colours and have a cheap feel to them. The Beats Pill + doesn’t. It is sexy as hell.

Pairing my iPhone was super easy (bless you Apple family, bless you).

Beats Pill +

From a sound point of view the Beats Pill + delivers crisp audio that bounces through a room and sounds superb. You can pump the volume pretty high without a problem. However, if you try move out of the area with your phone expect a problem. I moved to my lounge from my bedroom (where the Pill + was situated) and the single wall caused the sound to cut. That’s a problem for me. I definitely think that if I’m dropping close to 5k on a speaker it needs to have more range.

There’s an app that can also be used to tweak the Beats Pill + sound even more so, which I dig. Customisation like that is pretty sick.

Beats Pill +

Beats Pill +

If I’m honest, as much as I love the Beats Pill + and as much as I think Dre is kind of cool (and I do, I really do), I just don’t think that in today’s economy anyone has R4799 to drop on a Bluetooth Speaker. It’s crazy.

The Beats Pill + is a funky speaker but you’d be better off keeping your cash. Sorry Dre 🙁

Beats Pill +

So rad

  • Slick design
  • Sound quality is incredible

Makes us sad

  • The connection range is pretty weak
  • Yeah, that price man.

Disclaimer: The iStore sent me a Beats Pill + for review. It has gone back following the publishing of this post. 


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