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Technologically advanced baby clothes to help Dad – WIN!

Yeah, baby clothes. We knew I’d get here. Alas, I’m not pregnant nor starting a mommy blog. I’m simply appreciating a cool little piece of tech being used in a new kiddie’s clothing range. Most of my friends are with leach and popping out spawn on the regular. It’s rather entertaining for the non-mom in the group to watch them struggle through the lessons of parenting (while I secretly feed their small child sweets).

My favourite is watching my guy friends get used to the new feel of parenting. Watching them hold babies, change nappies and deal with poo (watch Gareth Woods’ Dad Diary video for a giggle here). It’s all pretty entertaining. Which is why I was rather curious when I received a mail about Parental Instinct.

parental instinct baby clothes

Two dads with a background in sports design joined forces to create a kiddies clothing range and sell it online. Paddy Muldoon and Chris Baff wanted to create classic baby clothes that utilised some advances in clothing technology (which we see in sports items and the like a lot) to make cleaning them a breeze but your little one still looking super stylish.

If you watch Gareth’s video about baby poo then you’ll likely sympathise with Paddy – who claimed it was an exploding nappy that inspired Parental Instinct – mainly because after changing it he realised he had misaligned the baby grow’s press studs… Again. So the first thing they incorporated in to their baby clothing range was colour coded press studs – how clever!

parental instinct baby clothes

Yeah, colour coded press studs are not technologically advanced, but incorporating nanotechnology into the garments is. Each item has stain resistant and stain release nanotech incorporated in them. This means that wiping Baby Food off clothes is a breeze and you don’t need to worry about changing your kid all the time. The Stain Release nanotechnology makes sure your kid’s clothes come out of the wash clean and stain free.

I sound like a television advert.

parental instinct baby clothes

Nanotechnology is not marketing speak. It’s the Science of manipulating, measuring and modelling matter. It’s a mixture of Science, Engineering and Technology. The fabric is altered at this length scale (a nanometre is like…. uber tiny. One billionth of a metre).

Science is so rad.

parental instinct baby clothes

It is rather cool how these dads have created an online business incorporating their previous design experience, tech and just an interest in their kids. The clothes are also gorgeous. How adorable is the Odinn Polo? It retails for about R279.99 while the White Babygrow is R499.99. How cute?

Because I don’t have a little one to spoil with these two totes adorbs items – I’m going to gift them to one of you! 

parental instinct baby clothes

All you need to do is FOLLOW @techgirlza on Instagram. Then, to make sure I know you’re entering – ensure you comment below with your Instagram handle. Easy as. Bonus points to anyone who takes @techgirlza in a tech friendly baby picture on the Instas.

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