what does google know about me

How to find out what Google knows about you

We get to use Google services like Google search, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube and Google + for “free”. (That last one is a lie. Like anyone uses Google +). In exchange for these services you give Google your details like name and location. You also hand over your web activity so that Google can serve better ads. Here’s how to find out what Google knows about you and how to delete it:

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How to find out what Google knows about you

  1. Go to “https://history.google.com/history/” (or copy & paste the url)
  2. Make sure you are signed into Google (you may have to re-enter your password)

access web & app activity

You will get an overview of your web history. From searches to websites visited at a certain time. This is really descriptive and if you have dodgy internet habits, they will be revealed here.

TIP: Your Web & App Activity items can help you find an answer faster, by suggesting previous searches even before you finish typing them. This is how Google uses autocomplete specifically for you.

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How to delete your Google search history

  1. Click on the 3 dots & select Delete Options.

delete your search history 1

2. Select Advanced and then All Time and Delete.

delete your search history 2

3.  Google will ask you if are sure. Yes you are sure.

delete your search history 3

And just like that, your search history is gone forever.

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But Google knows much more about you than you think

To find out what Google knows about you, click on a section.

what google knows about you

The other stuff really didn’t interest me, but it was only when I went to Voice & Audio Activity that I got freaked out.

Google records all of your voice searches and you can play back your voice searches! 

google voice data

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