The Urban Decay Make-Up Setting Spray Challenge

Make-up on a Tech Blog? What is going on Sam! The truth is, I don’t wear a lot of make up. I usually use a foundation/base or tinted BB cream, add some eyeshadow and a loose powder and off I go. Even with a small amount of make-up on, I find it transfers to my phone and leaves the screen really icky and gross half way through the day (I’m actually looking at it right now and it looks yuck – because I didn’t use the Urban Decay Setting Spray – but more on that later).


I mentioned this to a friend of mine who happens to be a top class beauty blogger but also works with Urban Decay locally. The team at Urban Decay were quick to point out that their Make-Up Setting Spray really does allow your “face” to last the entire day. We started chatting about the transfer of make-up to your phone and we all began to wonder if the spray was really good enough to stop the transfer.


As you know I’m always one for a challenge so I decided to do just that. Armed with some gorgeous Urban Decay products I did my make-up on camera (the most terrifying experience ever, I might point out), filmed it and got my brother to follow me around for the rest of the day with a camera. Here’s an average Saturday in my life and a look at whether the Urban Decay Make-Up Setting Spray stops make-up transfer to your phone:

I don’t want to spoil the surprise so watch the video and see for yourself (also don’t forget to subscribe!) if the Urban Decay Make-Up Setting Spray stood up to the challenge.


I did get to use a host of gorgeous Urban Decay products for this video. I especially loved the B6 spray that you use to prime your skin before make-up application. This is not something I’ve ever done before but after one week of using it I’ve seen an improvement in my skin. I think make-up can sit too heavy so this is a great product. I also love the Naked3 eye palette because of the natural tones. I’m really not interested in like bright blue eyeshadow so it suits me just fine.

Okay, enough Make-Up talk. I feel dirty, like I need to go build some Star Wars LEGO to clean off (kidding, girls can love make-up and Star Wars).


One last thing, if you desperately need to get your hands on Urban Decay, I can confirm that the brand will be available in South African from the first week of July – with the flagship store officially opening. Booya!

Disclosure: Urban Decay did supply me with the Urban Decay products I used in the video. I’m still using them. I’ll buy more when they’re finished because they are lovely. 





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