The Tech Girl Blog Facelift

It was time. Tech Girl has been going for a little more than 2 years now and I’ve kept the same blog design since inception. In the beginning I didn’t really understand the concept of a blog so I set up a magazine type theme. I wanted to be taken seriously in the “industry” and strayed away from anything too personal.


Tech Girl was a brand and it needed to be completely separate from me. Or so I believed. I worked extremely hard to keep the two separate. How absolutely positively absurd right? Two years on I’ve realised that despite my best efforts to keep the two apart – Tech Girl IS me. It was my baby from the get go and it was time to really own the space. Thus the design. I could not have done it without my amazing brother Darryn who heads up The Words Agency. He’s a qualified accountant now heading up a digital company that does blog design and social media. He also helps me with my videos and many of my photos. Who needs an Instahusband when you have a brother like mine?

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I haven’t done it alone though. The blog is a passion project that keeps me up until 10:30 at night (yes, here I am on a Sunday night tapping away at my keyboard) but it has also become the passion project of two of my friends. Jade and Marco both came to me as relative strangers wanting to contribute. Now they’ve become great friends. They’re incredibly supportive and constantly churn out content, send me voice notes and help with video editing. I really couldn’t do it without them and I’m so lucky to have such fabulous contributors that I can also call friends.

So, here it is. A new look and feel that I think really embodies what this blog is all about: fun, fabulous women like you. The content won’t be changing (though expect to see even more video over the next few weeks. I’m really loving YouTube right now!). However, it was time to embody the beauty of Tech Girl and the absolute freedom we, as bloggers, have. There is still a new logo on the way, if you were wondering.


I’d like to say the biggest thank you to Tegan Smith for the most incredible photographs. I wanted professional pictures for my portfolio and booking form as well as for this relook. She took the most incredible images and is such a talent. I’m so happy she was willing to work with me.

I’d love to hear from you and find out what you think of the new look? 

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