What you need to know:

  • Windows 10 Tablet Laptop Hybrid
  • 32GB Storage capacity plus space for a Micro SD HC Card
  • 10.1″ Display with touch screen functionality
  • Bluetooth, built-in mic, stereo speaker
  • Front/back-facing camera

What I think you should know

click 10X review

I’ve always been pro hybrid devices. I think that school pupils and varsity students as well as people not all that committed to their laptops (shock horror) are always going to benefit from a cheaper device that offers the functionality of a laptop with the option to go tablet. They deliver the best of both worlds. The Click 10X is just that. It’s a budget device that hybrids from tablet to notebook.

click 10X review

The Click 10X ships with a detachable keyboard. Straight out of the box it is a small device (the screen is about 10″). So it is going to be great for travelling and sliding in to your bag. It is also rather light weight which suits academics who already likely have a backpack weighed down by text books.

click 10X review

The device isn’t going to impress you in the looks department. It’s not sleek or shiny. The finishes are simple and the Click 10X is by no means flashy. But it gets the job done. It runs on Windows 10, which really is a great OS and I far prefer it to Android on a tablet. I find Android tablets tend to just be giant phones that aren’t all that useful. Incorporating Windows 10 in to the Click 10X really allows it to operate with laptop functionality in a tablet type environment.

I think this was always the plan with Windows 10 – to create an OS that was able to connect all your devices and get them working together. Whether you’re in tablet mode or Notebook mode – you’ll find the Click 10X delivers.

click 10X review

The hybrid comes with to USB ports, a mini USB port and a mini HDMI port. It also has a web cam built in and I was rather impressed by quality. While you’re not going to be able to stream game play on it you will be able to Skype with your long distance bae.

The battery needs some work though. If you’re on your device ALL THE TIME, you’re not going to get far with the Click 10X. However, if you’re using it at varsity or school in between playing on your smartphone. You’ll get a full day out of it.

click 10X review

The Click 10X is exclusive to Incredible Connection.

So rad

  • Windows 10. It really is a beautiful piece of software.

Makes us sad

  • Battery life
  • The screen is a little small for more than a few hours of use





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