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The 3 best Overwatch characters… they’re all female


Today one of the most hyped up, everyone should be in on this one, game opens to the world. Overwatch launches and I am pretty damn excited to attend the launch tonight and start playing. It’s an online multiplayer FPS. So what this means is you can connect to the net and play with your mates in epic adventures that aren’t going to take up hours (unless you have hours to dedicate) and are such a great way for the newbie gamer/n00b to get in to online gaming.

I’ve already opened up about my uselessness at gaming this week, so it makes sense that Blizzard was like:

Here Sam, here’s a fun FPS to gain some confidence with before taking out Konvict in CS:GO.

Yup, that’s why they launched this game. Obvs. There’s so much more to Overwatch than just blindly charging in. Each character has been developed with a quirky personality and the entire game has this powerful back story. There are all these great animated shorts doing the rounds online and now there are even comics! Lazygamer did this incredible write up on the story behind the game and, if you have some time to waste at work, you should definitely go read it after you’re done with this post (click here to open it in a new tab so you have it later). Pixel Vulture also has a rad infographic breaking down the most popular characters and time playing the Beta (click here to read that later too).

I am giving up my weekend for this game. I had a chance to play the BETA and have already picked my top 3 Overwatch Characters. They all happen to be kick ass females. These are my must plays from the moment you get the game:


best Overwatch characters D.VA

Former Pro-Gamer turned Mech Pilot (completely get it). She’s a hardcore tank character that is pretty damn difficult to kill and she has fusion cannons with unlimited ammo. So three guesses why I love her (SHOOT ALL THE THINGS). There’s also this rad play she makes where she jumps out of the mech (or giant robot suit as I like to call it) and runs off while blowing it up. Sneaky little ninja. If I’m honest though my favourite thing about D.Va is the killer bunny on her suit. Everyone should have a killer bunny on their chest.


best Overwatch characters windowmaker

She stabbed her husband while he slept. She’s blue because her heart was slowed… this also happens to mean she can feel no human emotion. I think she is my spirit animal. She’s a sniper by trade. Did I mention she is literally a cold hearted husband killing bitch? You, Widowmaker, are my favourite.


best Overwatch characters Mei

Mei is a pain in the ass. She’s one of those stupid heroes you cannot fight one on one. You’ll lose. She’s a scientist and kind of reminds me of my dog Digit. He’s adorable and cute, but he’ll also chew your toe off and not let go until it is severed from your foot. Mei’s like that cute little toe chewing dog. Primarily a Defense hero, she is a bit slow… but then she puts an icicle through your face. Casual.

Have you played Overwatch yet? Who is your favourite character? 


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