Bytesized | 20 May 2016

Find out how the instagram life changed to reflect real life (with hilarious results), watch a video that shows why girls can’t code (boobs, obvi), Kim K’s 5 word acceptance speech, BJ Novak’s Li.st app (its so addictive) & a great Disney list in Bytesized.

IMAGE: Taking #FollowMeTo to the next level

This amazing Taiwanese couple shared their holiday pics by putting a different spin on the very popular instagram pic #FollowMeTo.

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Old #FollowMeTo

New #FollowMeTo

AWARD: And the Break the Internet award goes to…

Kim K. And her 5 word acceptance speech for the Webby Award was the best. The Webby Awards celebrate the best of the internet every year. Kanye won Artist of the Year. For a complete list of The Webby Award winners, click here. 


WATCH: a satirical take on why girls can’t code.

It’s because they have boobs, obviously. An ad agency has created a brilliant satirical video series, showing us how ridiculous it is to think that gender influences your ability to code.

Watch the rest of the Why Girls Can’t Code series here. 


UPDATE: The Li.st app by BJ Novak

I mentioned this last week, but the Li.st app is even more addictive than I first thought. Since then I have added The Best Quotes from Step Brothers and my personal favourite, Disney quotes that have become a part of my daily vocabulary. 

Get Li.st for Android or iOS.

list app disney quotes jade


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BONUS: this is why you shouldn’t worry about self driving cars

Google has got our  backs. If a car hit you from the back with their bonnet, you would simply stick to the bonnet.

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