The YouTube bug has most definitely bitten and I’m spending far too much time in my bedroom talking to a camera. I’m also spending a lot of money on great new equipment to try level up and improve the content I’m putting out. I recently purchased a few new items and thought I’d do a quick HAUL video to show you what I purchased. Check it out:

I really struggled when I started. I had no clue what equipment I needed or where to get it from. I thought that if you’re also keen to start your own YouTube Channel I’d share with you what I think needs to be in your YouTuber Starter Kit. The biggest issue for South Africans wanting to start out is that a lot of video equipment is far more affordable overseas than locally.

If you watched the video above (and hopefully subscribed!) you’ll note that I mentioned how I was able to get a portable light on Amazon for R800 as opposed to the R4000 I was quoted locally. Before, the hassle of shipping items in meant we would rather just pay the extra cost than deal with items getting lost, taking forever to arrive or trying to figure out how to go about paying customs.

That was until Aramex Global Shopper arrived.

They really are the most incredible service. For a little over R600 you receive a lifetime membership. With that membership you receive 14 different addresses worldwide and your own unique reference. The purchasing process is really easy. Let me walk you through purchasing my light:

1. I found the item on Amazon.com. I paid for it using PayPal (they have a great return shipping policy so I feel safer using them).

2. When it came time to put in my address I used my Aramex Global Shopper New York address. Amazon then ships to this address. Remember to include your unique reference code!

3. From the moment the item arrives at the depot your online portal on the Aramex Global Shopper website is updated. They let you know when the item arrives, when it is in transit and when it lands in South Africa.

4. The online portal notifies you of the shipping costs and the customs costs. You can pay them via PayPal on the site.

5. My light arrived one week after purchase. How fab? The shipping cost me R500 while customs cost R160. So in total the light cost me half the price of what it would have cost had I purchased it locally.

I cannot recommend this service enough. You should definitely sign up for your own account.

Okay, back to the YouTuber Starter Kit. Here are the items I think you need to make sure you have in your arsenal if you want to start vlogging.

The camera


You cannot go wrong with a good DSLR. It is a big spend initially but really a great investment. I have this Nikon 5100. It comes with a standard lens that is actually fabulous. It gives me a range of options and has served me well. However, every YouTuber needs a 50mm lens in their arsenal as well. I have both now but to start you really cannot go wrong with a DSLR. I also cannot recommend the iPhone enough as a secondary filming device. I’ve filmed on lots of smartphones, none come close to how good the iPhone is.

The tripod


Trust me, as a single girl who films on her own a lot. You’re going to need it!

The mic


If you’ve seen my video you’ll know that you MUST NOT BUY THIS MIC. But, you do need a directional mic. Suck it up, drop the cash.

The Selfie Stick


We all know I’m not the biggest fan of selfie sticks. However, they do come in useful if you want to do walk arounds or film in the move. I cannot believe I’m saying this but they really are a good purchase.

Extra lighting


Additional lighting will improve the look of your videos. I have this cute portable light but you can also purchase cheap beauty lights from the likes of Dischem. A fraction of the price but definitely add to the lighting requirements you need!

Make up


Girls or guys need to invest in some loose powder. It removes the slight glow on your face – a glow that can be distracting to the viewer! I’m a huge fan of the Urban Decay range of products. They should be in South Africa soon but, in the mean time, you can use Aramex Global Shopper and purchase them overseas! Winning!

That’s my YouTuber Starter Kit, but maybe I’m missing something? If you think we need another piece of equipment added to the list drop it in the comments below and share! 

  1. I also use Aramex global shopper and have to basically run after my order every single time I order from them. Their customer service is pathetic to say the least. I have ordered using them three times. The first time they only updated me on my items after I sent two emails querying the whereabouts. My second order has been in customs for over 10 days and I have no feedback from Aramex. The third order is at the NY address for over a week without any further updates from Aramex. Can’t wait to cancel my subscription!!!

    1. Hi Nabeela,
      Besides the fact that you’re remaining anonymous (red flag anyone) – I do find your response above rather suspicious. I have used the service numerous times as have many of my mates, with no issue.

      Re: the whereabouts. Usually the company you purchased from will email with delivery notification. I could understand if you needed to them email, potentially being frustrated, but the fact that you had to query about whereabouts sounds weird. The moment they land at your address (if you add your user code) the system automatically updates.

      Re: Customs – my light got stuck in customs. Within 24 hours I had a mail from them requesting info. I did follow up and received an immediate response. Strange.

      Re: NY. I used the NY address and they updated my delivery at 2am on a Sunday morning. So yeah.

      Nabeela if you really are an upset customer than please, give me your membership number and I will chase up with them. But something feels off to me about this comment.

      1. Hi tech Girl. I find your response very rude and condescending. You have my email address, email me and I will glady give you my ID and details confirming that I am a real person.

        It’s no secret that Aramex is using bloggers to promote their brand but to do it so blindly is just silly to me. I am telling you my experience that I can back up with proof.

        My Aramex account number is JNB16411.

        Unfortunately my Aramex account doesn’t get updated automatically and neither does everyone else’s complaining on their Facebook page so please do research before responding in such an unprofessional manner. Also check their Hello Peter account for similar complaints.

        1. Hi Nabeela, I don’t have your email. I’m extremely dubious of trolls so I do apologise if my response upset you. It was not my intention but I realise that tone does not always translate well online. I’m actually offering to help you and chase up. Now that I have your account number I can follow up with Aramex Global Shopper and ensure they address your issues.

          I’d like to clarify that I used the service my self and paid for my goods to be delivered. I used said service 3 times with no issue. While they did sponsor the content I only align myself with products and brands I’ve used and like.

          1. Thank you so much for your response. I would REALLY appreciate any help I can get. I got an email regarding my last order asking me to pay customs which I did and my Aramex profile now shows it arrived in NY on the 16th and yesterday it was going through customs in JHB so I received no update throughout the week letting me know it had left NY or arrived in JHB. My other order is still in customs from the 10th of May.

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