4 free top resume infographic creators

Looking for a new job can be tough. With hundreds of applicants for the same job, it is important that your CV stands out. Here are 4 free resume infographic creators to make sure that your CV is always at the top of the pile.

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Visualize me

Visualize.me allows you to connect your LinkedIn profile which it uses to create a resume infographic. This is a really quick way to create a resume that looks great. It presents all of your skills and experience in an easy to understand format.

YAY: Choose from a variety of free templates that will suit your industry.

NAY: You can only edit your info via your LinkedIn profile.

Check out visualize.me, a free online CV creator here.


canva cv creator

Canva is really easy to use and makes anyone a designer. There are a variety of free templates that are easily customizable.

YAY: Very easy to use and fully customizable.

NAY: Some of the cooler templates are not free BUT only cost $1.

Use Canva to create professional looking infographic CVs PLUS explore other non resume related designs. 


kinzaa visual cv

Kinzaa lets you create a CV that will take some time, but lets you customize everything easily. There are a variety of fields to fill in, making it perfect for any skills you would like to showcase.

YAY: Lets you create very detailed resumes.

NAY: Takes a bit of time, but it will look exactly how you want it go.

Click here to turn your resume into an infographic with Kinzaa. 


resume up visual cv

Replace or edit your template to put the most important information first. Resum UP lets you add in a lot of details.

YAY: Add achievements as well work experience on one timeline. This gives recruiters a better picture of your experience.

NAY: Time consuming BUT if you are sending out your CV and want it to be great, it will take some time.

Create an infographic to show your skills with Resum UP. 

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