The Blogger’s Guide to SEO – it’s kind of a big deal

Going from thinking about starting a blog to actually starting a blog are two very different things. And often people are put off because of technical jargon and not knowing where to start. Imka Webb, author of The Blogger’s Guide to SEO, runs her own blog, Glamorous Glitter.

seo for bloggers
SEO is stuff that gets you on Google right?

The book, The Blogger’s Guide to SEO, helps bloggers that are starting out to understand the basics of content creation and on-site SEO. Webb starts with the fundamentals and explains concepts and ideas in layman’s terms, so that by the time you are finished you will have a basic understanding of how to implement SEO on your blog.

Even if you have no idea what SEO is, but know that you need it on your blog, this book is for you.

The book is written in a conversational tone which makes it easy to understand. My favourite part of the book is the checklist for writing good blog content. This is a valuable resource that even experienced bloggers would find useful. The book has more valuable tips and tricks that you’ll definitely want to try.

Each chapter ends with a quote that makes you think about what you have just read. The quote below hit the nail on the head. It not only made me examine the type of content I produce, but also allowed me to ask how I intend to improve it.

tech girl book club SEO quote

Read this if: You are a new blogger and want to understand what SEO is as well as have a practical guide to start using SEO on your blog.

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imka webb

About the author: Imka Webb knows her stuff. She works in PR, has been on the SEO bandwagon since the early days and has a blog called Glamorous Glitter. She has also written numerous online guides, The Blogger’s Guide to SEO being the latest.

Get the ebook here for only $4.95 (which is like R70). Support local.  And with the colder weather, this is perfect to read while soaking in a bubble bath. Just don’t drop your phone or tablet in the bath. That would suck.

Find out more about The Tech Girl Book Club here.

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