Virtual Volunteering is now a thing

We’ve become keyboard warriors. Think about all those Facebook status updates people share from their computers or how they rant online but fail to actually do something in real life. We’re a generation of armchair social activists. While many will rant (online… again) about how much they hate these folk – a few smart people have figured out how to capitalise on our favourite social media friends by inventing a little something called Virtual Volunteering!

Forgood is a clever website that lets you now volunteer your time and skills online. It’s a genius idea. You log on to the website and offer your time or services. Maybe you’re great at subediting, building websites or could tutor someone in maths via Skype. You offer your service and those in need can request it. If you’re looking for assistance you can also ask for it on the Forgood platform and someone could possibly assist.

If you have a computer you can get involved.

Domain and Hosting top tips

So instead of bashing away at your keyboard sharing those Facebook status updates – now your can jump on the giving back bandwagon via Virtual Volunteering. I think it is a genius set up and something we can all get involved with. If you want to offer your time or skills or assist someone looking for help then head on over to the Forgood website.

And if you’re worried that your boss might complain about you abusing business internet, according to Forgood’s CEO – Andy Hadfield – your virtual volunteering hours can be incorporated into a company’s CSI mandate which would contribute to its BBBEE ratings.


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