3 favourite gadget accessories

My 3 favourite gadget accessories at the moment

My favourite activity in my spare time (other than eating copious amounts of chocolate while being killed by bots during a game of CS:GO… against bots) is to shop online for funky gadget accessories. If I had my way I’d own ALL. THE. THINGS.

My 3 favourite gadget accessories at the moment are all mainly tablet focused actually (albeit one) but they’re all rather funky too. Take a look:

1. Kikkerland iBed Lap Desk

3 favourite gadget accessories

How rad is this iBed Lap Desk? It has a wooden top that allows you to fit a tablet in place (most size tablets fit). It comes with a funky wooden finish as well which I really like. So you can put your chocolate on the little lap desk (or a notebook). It’s so clever for working in bed and finally makes a tablet look attractive to me! Want! They were going for R199 on One Day Only a few days ago. Unfortunately that deal is up. Takealot.com does import Kikkerland products though so may be able to source.

2. Wise-Pet Cuddly Protector

3 favourite gadget accessories

Lots of my friends with kids are constantly replacing tablet screens that have been smashed. They purchase these gadgets for educational purposes but their kids quickly drop them and then you’ve got sad little ones and mad big ones. That’s why these Wide-Pet Cuddly Protectors are so ideal. Teddies when not in use and tablet protectors when they are! They’re also just so adorable. You can even get one for your smartphone (I need this desperately!). There is currently a deal to get them for R199 on OneDayOnly. 

3 favourite gadget accessories


3 favourite gadget accessories

I know, I know. It isn’t really a gadget accessory. But, the Fitbit Charge HR is now available in Pink and I must have one for gym. I know its pink, I know it feeds every stereotype known to women. Don’t care, still want it. You can get the Fitbit HR at the iStore – though the Fitbit Alta in Teal might convince you to forgo the pink!

3 favourite gadget accessories

Are there any gadget accessories on your must have list at the moment?

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