Best wine apps for South African wines

Gone are the days of buying a bottle of Tassies or Saint Anna before going out at varsity. As we get older our palettes (and wallets) become more sophisticated and we take more of an interest in wine. Here are the best wine apps for South African wines to help you learn more about the wine you are drinking, compare prices in restaurants, and to discover new wines.

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Watch this video by Michal McIntyre to see why you should never take wine too seriously

Ignore the wine and look entirely at the price – Michal McIntyre on restaurant wine etiquette 

Now that we have a clear view of wine tasting, let’s take a look at the best wine apps. These apps will  by no means make you a sommelier*, but you will know more about vino and what kind of vino you like to drink.


Cover art iOS / Android 

WHAT: Take a photo of any wine label and instantly learn that wine’s rating, review, and average price. All supplied by 15 million users – the world’s largest community of wine drinkers.

LIKE: The South African lists are perfect for selecting your next wine within your budget. It is really easy to use, simply take a picture of the label and voila – all the vino info you need. Also the user reviews are awesome.

vivino wine tasting app list

DISLIKE: Text search can be a little tricky, but it can be done. Search all of Vivino to find new wines.

2. WINE23

wine23 app iOS / coming soon to Android

WHAT: Tasting notes, accolades, ratings and reviews for thousands of South African wines.

LIKE: The rating system shows you what users think vs what the industry thinks.

iPhone Screenshot 1

DISLIKE: That we have to wait for the app to be released for Android.



Cover art iOS / Android

Anyone interested in wine will know what Platter’s is and that it makes a great Christmas gift for vino lovers. A new edition is released every year. If you see a wine with a Platter’s sticker with 4 stars in the supermarket, you know it will be good.

 Platter's Wine Guide- screenshot WHAT: The South African vino bible, where wines are rated according to stars (5 being the best).

LIKE: Easily scan or search for wine.

DISLIKE: The marketing around the app makes you think it is free, but to get any of the valuable advice you need to pay R175. Not bad considering that you will have the entire Platter’s database at your fingertips.

Top 5 wines to drink when…

…it’s cold outside: Any red wine by Raka

…it’s super hot: Boschendal Blanc De Noir

…it’s end of the month salti crack time: Anything by Tangled Tree

…it’s time to celebrate: Pongracz NV

…you just need a good glass of wine after a hectic day: The Very Sexy Shiraz


Did you know a sommelier is a master wine taster and to become one you need to pass one of the most difficult exams in the world? Watch this documentary, Somm for an interesting look into the elite world of wine tasting. 

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