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Cape Town Blogger Meet Up – see you there?

This weekend is the Cape Town Blogger Meet Up. It’s organised by one of our local up and coming mommy bloggers Cindy Alfino from 3 kids, 2 dogs and 1 old house. In short it is an opportunity to meet up with fellow bloggers and content creators, share insights, collaborate and just enjoy a networking day out.

I think in the last few years blogging has changed. It’s no longer about putting words in a post and publishing it for all to read. Now it incorporates visual elements, we’re mini blogging via Instagram and vlogging on YouTube (which reminds me, why have you not subscribed to my channel yet?). It’s also gone from being an online diary into a potential income stream. Blogging is serious business.

Cape Town Blogger Meet Up

I’m going to be touching on this subject at the Cape Town Blogger Meet Up. My topic is “Knowing your worth” and I’m going to focus on determining how and when you can make money, how much you should charge and when you’re crossing that “line in the sand”. I’m going to try touch on all of this.

However, is there anything else you want me to add to my talk or any questions you might have, toss them in the comments below so I can make sure to include them in my presentation.

Are you going to be at the Cape Town Blogger Meet Up? 


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