sexiest esports Bachelors

South Africa’s sexiest esports Bachelors

I’m a pretty useless gamer. I have the hand eye co-ordination of a new born baby and I’m prone to button bashing the crap out of a remote or keyboard in game (ironically a very similar strategy I employ for Foosball, only the bashing is replaced by spinning my plastic men). Despite my lack of talent I do love gaming. I love the games but, more importantly, I love playing those games with my friends.

sexiest esports Bachelors

I like shouting at someone telling them they’re an idiot when they lose us a game, or high fiving someone when they pull off an epic move to help us win. I also like being high fived when I finally kill something in Call of Duty after a good few minutes running around blindly (thanks Mr Hinds).

That’s why the launch of the Telkom DGL Masters Series excited me.

sexiest esports Bachelors

Here was a chance for my friends to share that feeling with so many more people in a professional environment that allowed them to be compensated for the amazing talents they possess. The first leg of the 2016 Telkom DGL Masters Series kicked off in Cape Town at the first Cape Town rAge Expo. rAge has been hosted in Johannesburg for a few years now and is the biggest gaming expo in the Southern hemisphere. Allowing Cape Town to share in the fun seemed like a good idea.

sexiest esports Bachelors

The Telkom DGL Masters Series stole the show though. With the competition happening on the main floor it drew a ton of spectators and allowed us all to share in the incredible atmosphere that gaming so easily creates. Just spectating was heart racing. Part of the excitement is watching familiar faces battle it out. The community is tight and everyone, despite the politics and competitiveness, gives a damn about one another.

That’s what I wanted to capture and somehow save on this blog.

sexiest esports Bachelors

The camaraderie, the skill, the talent and also the fun. So I made this video. It’s self explanatory really: I pulled out the sexiest bachelors from each of the Masters teams and gave them a bit of a rag on camera (and I threw in a not so good looking Dota player because I felt sorry for him – just joking Ryan!) Each and every one of them joined in the fun and was willing to play along. I think it speaks to the community of esports stars we’re developing.

I implore you to find out when the next esports tournament is happening in your area. Go through, support these crazy kids and just enjoy the day. The gaming is intense and the time out is so much fun. We’re watching rockstars in the making – don’t regret not being part of this.

Enough babbling. Here’s the video. Do you have a favourite? 

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Shout out to Telkom for letting me spend the weekend with some of the coolest cats in the game. Big thanks also goes out to the Dead Reckoning Crew for ensuring I’m wearing the best local threads available. 


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