Bytesized | 18 March 2016 – the get dressed for success edition

We are all meant to fly – some motivational poster, probably. Bytesized gives you some inspiration for your road to success. From motivational posters to the sleeping habits of the successful, we’ve got you covered.

TWEET there are no stupid ideas so always follow your dreams

IMAGE the difference between knowledge and experience

the difference between knowledge and experience
via buffer

DID YOU KNOW WeChat is extending China’s school days way into the night

  • WeChat had 650 million monthly active users in China as of the end of last September.
  • In some cities, all kindergartens, primary and middle schools are required to open an offical WeChat account to streamline communication between schools, students and parents.
  • Some students get their homework assignments for the evening at 7pm and in one instance a teacher sent feedback at 10pm asking a student to correct his Maths homework before midnight.

Read the full article here. 

student in China checks his homework on We Chat
via The Technology Review

INFOGRAPHIC the sleeping patterns of successful people like Richard Branson and Ellen

I’m more of a Rand Fishkin and Ellen kind of sleeper. Click here to see more on the sleeping habits of successful people.

branson sleep ellen sleep time marissa sleep rand sleep

GIF booooom!



LONGREAD why I like to instagram they sky via The Atlantic (one of the best sites ever) 

This dude has 3 rules when it comes to instagramming the sky #skyporn #skylovers

  1. The photo should just be of the plain sky and nothing else; no trees, no buildings, no clouds, no airplanes
  2. The photo should not use any filters or have its color adjusted in any way
  3. The photo should always be posted with the season (ie, Winter Gradient), the date, and the location where the photo was taken

Read the full article here.

PS: I do realize the irony of posting a longread in something called Bytesized, hence the tips. 

Winter Gradient 2016-03-16 Takoma Park, MD

A photo posted by jacobharris (@jacobharris) on

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