Store your loyalty cards on your phone

Almost every place has its own loyalty card. Save R10 on vegetables if you buy two and use your Woolies Rewards card. Get cash back at Pick n Pay everytime you shop with your Smart Shopper card.  Toiletry shopping wouldn’t be the same without your Clicks or Dischem cards. These are the loyalty cards that get used on a fairly regularly basis and don’t really take up that much space in your wallet.

Then there are those that are only used once a month or so. Get a voucher on your birthday at The Body Shop if you have a card. Use your Thank U card at CNA, Edgars, Boardmans and more. Simply Asia and Spur even have their own cards.

While we get points to use later, the problem is that the card has to be swiped or scanned. You can’t even give them your cell number. I’ve tried.

Say goodbye to missing out on loyalty points and bulky wallets with Stocard

Stocard is an app that stores all of your loyalty cards on your smartphone. Simply scan all of your cards and a unique barcode is created that you can give to the cashier to scan. If your card won’t scan or isn’t on the list, just add a new one. You also have the option to take photos of the front and back of the card to store with the barcode.

stocard add a card

Why we love Stocard

  • save space in your wallet
  • never miss out on earning loyalty points
  • easy to scan – just hand the cashier your phone
  • it is free (and the developers say it will always remain that way)

What we don’t love about Stocard

  • some cards don’t scan, so you will need to read out the card number to the cashier

Lessen the “weight of your vanity” as Paulo Cohelo likes to say and carry less loyalty cards. I am always looking for ways to simplify.  I have a backpack for work, my wallet works as a card, cash, cellphone and key holder if I need to go somewhere after work and on the weekend I have a small cross body black bag. Stocard works wonderfully.

Download Stocard for iOS or Android. 


I have 12 000 points & I feel like a baller. Until I discover that’s only worth R12. #LoyaltyCardProblems


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