barbie drone

Barbie has a drone!

Barbie has come under fire for many years due to her lack of development and portraying a negative body image for young girls. But now Barbie has a drone and is starting to take a step forward into the tech world. I’ve become rather interested in drones recently after I came across my friend Devin’s Instagram account. He flies drones competitively here in South Africa and also blogs about recent developments.

He didn’t blog about the fact that Barbie has a drone though!

The toy manufacturer behind Barbie, Mattel, is clearly trying to change the face of the iconic doll. This started with an introduction of a variety of body shapes and skin colours. You can now find a Barbie that represents you.

barbie different sizes

And then they added the drone.

The new Barbie drone is, shock horror, pink and blue. It’s a very basic remote control quadcopter drone that has been designed to handle the extra wait of a doll on top. It also comes with a cute little pink wireless controller (yes, I know people get upset about pink, get over it).  The drone is designed to be flown by 8 year olds, so it will be simple enough.

barbie drone

I’m sure someone will want to moan about the pink colouring.

However, I think it is rather rad that Barbie has gone tech. Flying drones is a great way to assist kids with motor skills and an even better way to introduce girls to technology and engineering. Well played Barbie, well played!

barbie drone remote

No word yet on when Barbie’s drone will be coming to South Africa. 

Source: Women Love Tech

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