Bytesized | 26 February 2016

McDonald’s, AI and robots. Because why not. Watch Atlas in action, find out why most AI voices are female, check out McD’s brilliant new ad and our best 4D portal revealed. All this and more in Bytesized.

TWEET preach professor!

PICTURE McDonald’s nails it with this ad in France.

McDonald's gives directions to the nearest Burger King

WATCH Boston Dynamics released a new version of its robot, Atlas.

Atlas, The Next Generation

Did you feel a bit bad when you watched this robot fall despite the fact it can’t feel pain and it doesn’t really look like a human? Well here’s why.

The human tendency to anthropomorphize non-sentient objects is so strong as to override our common-sense knowledge that Atlas is an object incapable of feeling.

The best example of anthropomorphism that I have ever seen, has to be this IKEA ad.

DID YOU KNOW Most AI voices are female because…

Studies have shown that people respond better to female voices and have a higher success rate or as Wired puts it “sexist”.

siri what can I help you with

FACEBOOK reactions are here.

Facebook's six new reaction emojis. (Courtesy of Facebook)

I tried hovering over like on desktop and holding down like on mobile and nothing. Apparently South Africa is reaction ready, but I have yet to experience Facebook reactions. Hopefully by the time you read this, you will be able to say you love this post on Facebook.

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