Gaming4Charity – how esports is giving back

I’m a bit rah rah esports at the moment and I don’t even care if it is annoying you. I like gamers. I’m rather upset I’m not dating one. I’m basically the gamer groupie.

This post is not to tell you about hot gaming guys (which, by the way, I’m considering doing a series on eligible bachelors in esports, for sh*ts and giggles – would you be keen to read that?) or go on a tirade about how we should be supporting esports locally.

Instead I’m letting you know about a rad new initiative I heard about called Gaming4Charity. They’re running a big event next week to raise money for a charity called Heavenly Promise and are having a fun day that includes Good Hope FM airing from the event (shameless punt but I’m on Good Hope FM every Monday night talking all things gaming, gadgets and geek with Ayanda Dlamini so make sure you listen!)  and DJ Reddy D and his Drift Squad putting on a performance. I like gamers but I’m also partial to drifting – must be my south of Jozi roots!


There’s going to be tons of fun stuff for you to do if you’re not competing, like playing on all the free gaming and console set ups (old school arcade games for the win!) and entering random spot competitions. For the serious esports girls though there is going to be a 100 seater LAN on the day and tournaments for CS: GO, Halo, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Fifa 16.

I think the really big take away here though is that there is an opportunity for you to support an incredible charity that does amazing work in feeding children and educating adults to assist them with finding gainful employment…. and you get to do it all while you game which is rather rad!

If you want to find out more head on over to the website or hit me up in the comments below and I’ll see if I can answer any questions for you.  



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