Light Up Clutch Bags that react to music and sound

I came across these incredible light up clutch bags when I was flipping through a UK magazine recently (I know, magazines right? Who does that?!). The light up clutch bags are from Kotur, a gorgeous shoe and handbag designer from across the pond.

light up clutch kotur

The inspiration for the bags is clearly from Vegas and slot machines with quirky designs that really put a fun twist on the typical handbag staple. Everyone needs a clutch for a sneaky night at the club or a sexy date (trust me, a clutch bag looks so much better on a table than hanging your massive handbag on the bag of your chair).

light up clutch kotur

They’re really just meant to be about having a little fun and were originally designed as part of Kotur’s 10th anniversary. The best part is that they are, in fact, noise activated. So the LED lights activate when triggered by sound. 

Can you imagine one of these bad girls in a nightclub? Throbbing away to the beat of your favourite tune?

light up clutch kotur

I’m completely in love with them… however with a hefty price tag of 650 pounds (yes, you read that right), I’m probably going to be admiring them from a far. Bleak.


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