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How do you get more blog readers?

One of the questions I’ve recently been asked is how to get more blog readers. I’m part of a few blogger groups online as well where the question regularly comes up. If you want to increase your blog readership there are a stack of resources on the internet that will give you different feedback and advice.

After my last video I was asked to do a video on increasing your blog readers. I’ve put together tips and tricks that worked for me: everything from SEO to social media sharing.

Take a watch:

So to recap:

  • Make sure you read blogs and engage with them before expecting others to read yours!
  • Join groups and build communities online around your niche.
  • Use your social following to further disseminate your content (but don’t spam!)
  • Make sure you share your posts on sites like Stumble Upon and Reddit (but again, don’t spam!)
  • Harass your friends and family
  • Share your blog URL in real life
  • SEO – I’ve included the basic tips in the video, don’t fall for the Snake Oil Salesmen!

I’m really enjoying doing these blog advice videos. If you’re enjoying them please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and let me know if there are any other topics you want me to touch on.

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