17 Twitter accounts to follow

Twitter is only as interesting as the people you follow. Here are 17 Twitter accounts to follow.

The funny but also comments on important issues guy

The columnist

The writer who also knows how to find awesome places and things to do


The digital trends dude with some humour thrown in 

The funniest trolling account  out there   


The clever accounts

The funny dudes

The tech news

The altenative to Buzzfeed and funny as hell

The Entrepreneur

If you find time for fun in your everyday life you will be rewarded everyday https://t.co/8Dcf2C8KJY pic.twitter.com/2ywKBLL95Q

— Richard Branson (@richardbranson) February 10, 2016



The Journalist


The best thought provoking website out there


The scientist (astrophysicist)


The author(s)




The blogger


If Twitter crashes I’m going to set fire to the whole house.

— TheBloggess (@TheBloggess) February 11, 2016

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