Your guide to online Gaming Phrases

If you play video games online, you will probably know all about the phrases which we use all the time, but if not, then you are in for a treat. Not only do these phrases mean so much in a game, but most of the time you will probably think they mean what they actually sound like, which is probably not the case anyway. I play way too much Black Ops III and Destiny, which has taught me all about these words. Here are a few followed by some rather appropriate memes.




A try-hard gamer is the most serious gamer in the lobby. She does not care about having fun, she is there to win, and she will take you out any way possible. Think about players who belong in eSport teams, but are found in everyday gaming lobbies. Try-hards put lots of effort into winning their matches and they take the game extremely seriously. We, as non try-hard players, often use the word “try-hard” to make us feel better about losing and it is used as a derogatory term to make us feel better when we are basically being torn apart by some girl who has way too much skill for us to handle. Try-hards are not in it for the fun of the game, they use their skills to prove their superiority and will do it in anyway possible.

Sentence:This girl is prestige level 5-million. What a try-hard!”


Salty Gamer
Literally every Trials of Osiris

Although the word “Salt” derives from the fighting game genre, it has slowly moved into the online world and now we use it like any other phrase. Salt or Salty, is used to describe a player who is angry or frustrated due to her loss in a match in some way or another. A salty player often shows signs of anger against you and your team, and at times they will hunt you down specifically to kill you because you trolled them and killed them countless times. A salty player is someone who often rages in the lobby after the game, or some will send you a direct message blaming you for having host of the game, or cheating, which resulted in their loss. You will often see salty player rage quit when they are losing a match, or just lost one. Salty players are never at fault, it is either the game, the lag, or you cheating which results in their loss.

Sentence: “We thrashed that team, they must be so salty right now”


Nerfed Gun
This is what your gun feels like after it gets nerfed

Nerf refers to the adjustment to a gaming feature in which the developers reduce the effect and power of an item or weapon. We have seen this countless times in shooters and MMOs where an ability or weapon’s power would be cut to balance the game. Bethesda recently nerfed their Werewolf and Vampires in ESO, while Bungie nerfed shotguns in Destiny. Developers are always nerfing items to help improve gameplay balance, and at times they get it right, and at times they fail at it. Yes, shotguns are still extremely effective in Destiny.

Sentence: “I have to find a new ability seen as flame strike was nerfed and it’s so useless now”


Noob gamer

A “noob” comes in various forms, sometimes they take the form of a new player who has no idea what they are doing in a game, and we were all there once so respect to them. Noobs are also players who sometimes bring the game down for you, but it is not completely their fault, even through it annoys the living lights out of you. When I say “bring the game down”, sometimes we get matchmaked with noobs during co-op sessions like strikes and zombies, and because they are new, they suck, really bad. You have done this mission five thousand times and just want to get it over and done with but instead you are now running around reviving the noob, who does not understand what “cover” means. It is tough out there for a noob, but they need to woman up and get their act together, online gaming is not for the weak hearted.

Sentence: “Check that lvl 2 noob out! What is she doing matchmaking with us?”


Camping gamer
It is not a legitimate Strategy

No, I do not mean pitching a tent and spending the night under the stars, I mean those players who insist on sitting in the corner behind the barrel, in between the crate, and shooting anyone who runs past. A camper is a player who spends her life crouched in a corner or laying on the ground killing anyone that comes into her range. Campers really have very little skill as they are in the game to make your life very unpleasant, and by the time you get back to the spot where the player is camping, she has moved to the wall behind you and shoots you again. Be careful not to mix up camping with sniping, as a sniper does not camp, as sitting in the distance with a sniper is their job. A camper will just sit somewhere conveniently placed so that she can see players run past her, or right in a doorway so she can take them out as soon as they run in. Campers suck!

Sentence: “Oh my F$#*! That girl is just camping the spawn point!”


Must get the raid done before his bedtime

Everyone’s worst fear, a squeaker. A “Squeaker” refers to a young player who thinks it is his or her right to join your party and start speaking to people with that unbroken, pre-puberty voice. No one really knows him or, and no one knows whose friend he or she is, but they’ll always join your chat and ask you if you are running something or playing a game mode they can join. Squeakers are also found in online lobbies as they love the sound of their own voice so much, that they decide to chat to themselves pre-game and in game. You will often hear their mom shouting at them to come and eat or do their homework, at which point they will shout back in their little chipmunk voice. They also love swearing, like they just learnt the words and they want to use them every second of the day. Thank goodness for the modern day mute button.

Sentence: “Who is friends with the squeaker? Why do you even have her on your friends list?”



Buffed is the opposite of nerfed and refers to an improvement on a weapon or item that increases its effect and damage. We often see this in games that receive “nerf” updates in which developers also look at what they can improve at the same time as decreasing the power of a weapon and item. A buff also refers to a state in which your character, item or weapon gets a stat increase for a certain amount of time from the use of an item or spell. These buffs come in different forms like a flame coating on your weapon, or a health increase for a certain duration.

Sentence: Let me try use 1000-Yard Stare, I saw it was buffed with better handling


Scrub Gamer
We know! It is the lag

A “scrub” is a rare breed of gamer, someone who blames the game and its mechanics for her downfalls. Her loss in a match will not be due to her lack of skill, but due to her team mates, or the game’s “unbalanced” mechanics. A scrub is a lousy gamer who blames lag for her loss and failure in a game. A scrub can also refer to someone who uses the easiest way to win a match, like running around a close quarter map with a shotgun. So basically they use the cheapest way to win, and blame the game and its mechanics when they lose.

Sentence: “That girl is such scrub, running around with blink and a shotgun”

If you’re new to online gaming now you don’t need to feel so overwhelmed when you decide to join a game. You’ll be down with the lingo immediately. Though our editor tells me that she gets away with being a complete N00b courtesy of her girl voice (abusing gamers much Sam?).

Have you ever used these terms before, or plan on using them? Let us know!

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