let's play resident evil

Let’s Play Resident Evil

Resident Evil originally made an appearance on Playstation is 2006! Ten years ago! Wow! The Resident Evil Origins collection was recently released for PS4 and I got my hands on the set to give it a whirl. If you haven’t seen the Resident Evil movies then you’re probably not aware that this is a horror survival game. It’s scary at times and your job is to kill off evil zombie like creatures following the release of the T Virus by a dodgy big corporate that goes horribly wrong.

The Resident Evil Origins collection has two games on offer.

The original Resident Evil beautifully remastered and Resident Evil 0 – a prequel to the game.

resident evil 0

For many people video games are violent and they don’t understand why we’d want to play them. As gamers we tend to think they’re mad and, I think, have become rather immune to the violence in the games.

We’ve started a new series on Tech Girl called Let’s Play. We find girls of all ages and all gaming levels to join us for an hour of game play. We give them new games to try and they share their thoughts. For this particular Let’s Play I fired up Resident Evil 0 and asked Megan Perks to join me. Megan has no previous gaming experience at all so this was definitely going to be an eye opener for her. Here’s what happened (yes, we threw some Mortal Kombat in too… for reference):

If you’re based in Johannesburg, no matter your gaming level, we want to hear from you! We’d love you to join us on our Let’s Play. If you want to be our next player get in touch or drop a comment below. 



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