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The best geek hoodies in SA – introducing JuiceBubble

I love that the weather is starting to cool. This means we’re one step closer to Winter. Do you know what I love the most about Winter? Hoodies. Geek Hoodies to be precise. I grabbed myself a Soft Kitty hoodie in the UK last year and this year decided I needed to add to the collection.

Small problem: I’m not heading to the UK this year.

geek hoodies
Not nearly Mumford & Sons enough

Turns out you don’t need to ship in geek hoodies because we have a local supplier that can get them to you in less than two days. I stumbled upon JuiceBubble and decided to prepare myself for Winter. Lucky I did. The morning after the Uber disaster (I blogged about it here) I woke up feeling icky. The chill and the rain had led to a cold. So it was the perfect time to whip out my geek hoodie.

geek hoodies

I love that is bright pink (yup, owning it) and the dinosaur reference is a special shout out to some of my best friends (they like dinosaurs and they’re old… so it made sense. Kidding.)

geek hoodies
Shopping for more hoodies on JuiceBubble

JuiceBubble allows you to customise your hoodies. You’re able to choose the design and then specify colour. They don’t only do geek hoodies though. You can also get T-Shirts made up with funky geek sayings. I’m seriously considering getting my brother a Deadpool hoodie (he’s already claimed my premier tickets so he might as well take it all). JuiceBubble is also priced really well.

geek hoodies
If you’ve ever wondered what I look like in the morning

Of course, because you happen to read this glorious blog, I can hook you up with a geek hoodie discount... so if you head over to JuiceBubble make sure you use my coupon code on check out:


And make sure to tell me in the comments below which Hoodie you plan to get? 

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