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Let’s Play Life is Strange & you stand a chance to win!

I get a lot of games to play. The thing is I’m not a gaming news site or a tech news site or a “here are all the latest gaming reviews and stories that every other site is running” site. I’m a blog. A blog that is meant to be fun and allow you a glimpse into the tech and gaming worlds. You don’t care about boring reviews and long winded stories. You want to have a little bit of fun.

That’s where the idea of Let’s Play videos came about.

life is strange screen shot I want to have fun with my readers while still showing you a glimpse of new video games that are being released. Maybe you aren’t a gamer, maybe you’ve never picked up a remote, maybe you’re a casual gamer or maybe you’re trying to find the perfect game for your little one that isn’t too violent. Instead of trawling those gaming sites, we’ll produce Let’s Play videos that show the first 10 minutes of a new game as played by YOU. Normal Tech Girls of varying gaming levels who put the new games through their paces to determine if they love it or hate it.

Our first Let’s Play video is Life is Strange.

life is strange cover art Life is Strange is an episodic third person adventure game. It follows a similar direction to some of my favourite Telltale games in that it was released in episodes. Life is Strange centres around the story of Max – an emo high school student with an incredible talent for photography. Max learns that she can rewind time and, with that, your adventure begins. As the player you determine the direction and story of the game based on choices you make along the way. The game touches on some real life topics and you’ll find the gritty relatable characters draw you in and make you part of their world. Max is a great female character with real problems, thoughts and completely relatable. A female lead who isn’t all boobs and body! LOVE. We asked South African actress Sarah Kozlowski to put the game through its paces and share her thoughts. You can watch our video below. Also, make sure you stick around to the end where we give you the opportunity to win a limited edition of Life is Strange that includes all 5 episodes, director’s commentary, a rad art book AND the soundtrack! If you want to feature in our Let’s Play videos drop us a mail or leave your contact details in the comments below. 

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