Bytesized | 29 January

Why you should buy your new iPhone before February, twars galore (and yes, Kanye is involved), The Daily Sun ups their headline game, the Angry Birds movie is coming and more.

TWEET Twars were the flavour of the week. Rapper B.O.B decided to let his followers know that the earth is flat. Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist extrodinaire, decided to put the rapper in his place. Diss tracks were even exchanged. 


In other twar news, Kanye thought Wiz Khalifa was dissing him and launched a full on twitter attack. It all started when Kanye changed the name of his new album from swish to waves. Wiz begged him not to as ‘waves’ is attributed to Max B. Then it just got ugly.

Kanye had 17 points to get across. One being….

kanye twar
This in reference to his ex, Amber Rose, who has a child with Wiz.

You can read the entire twar here, as soon after his rant, Kanye deleted the tweets, saying that he only wants positivity. But this story doesn’t end there. Amber Rose had the last say. Nasty. [NSFW]

PICTURE I am a huge fan of the Daily Sun. No one can write headlines like they can and these headlines make my drive to work that much better. They usually only have writing, but have recently upped their game and added some iconography. Behold…

daily sun win a sheep

VIDEO It was only a matter of time before Angry Birds became a movie. When I saw the first bit of the trailer I thought “This looks dumb”, but then the pigs arrived and the wise one. Looking forward to this.

DID YOU KNOW You should buy your new iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad before February 2016. The reason? The Rand.

According to My Broadband, iPhone prices have increased by as much as 13% since October. For now Samsung users are safe, but the company did say they would monitor the situation and adjust their prices accordingly. #StrongerThanTheRand


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