Bytesized | 12 February 2016 – The ♥ Edition

Love is in the air and to help you take it all in we have awesome tech pick up lines, Star Wars themed ways to say I love you, why you’ll always have a date for Valentine’s Day and that #JetLoveYourself video.

GIF Star Wars + Valentine’s Day = awesome



TWEET This is what a real relationship is like #TrueStory


IMAGE Of course I have a date for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is usually dreaded by those not in a relationship or it’s complicated. Couples being cheesy, red roses, chocolates, stuffed bears, PDAs (public displays of affection) and corny mugs. Anti Valentine’s Day goes against all of that, and leaves awesome memes like this in its wake.

Valentine's Day

VIDEO Corny but it’s true, love yourself. 

Jet recently released their #JetLoveYourself campaign, which celebrates womens bodies and encourages body confidence. You don’t need a man to define who you are and you definitely don’t need to fit some sort of society stereotype. This Valentine’s Day – learn to love yourself!

BONUS These tech-themed pick up lines. Please will someone try these out and let me know the success rate. I am asking for a friend.

  • Hey, girl. Is your name Wi-Fi? Because we have a connection
  • I have 4 percent battery remaining. I chose to message you. Did I choose wisely?
  • Are you Google? Because you’re everything I’ve been searching for.
  • Are you a keyboard? Because you’re my type.
  • I’ll hold your hand tighter than I hold my phone when I’m in the bath.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day. xoxo

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