4 South African blogs to add to your reading list

I’m always on the look out for new blogs to add to my reading list. I have 4 new favourites that I wanted to share with you as we enter 2016 because I think I’ve found some gems. I also think we’re going to be hearing and seeing a lot more of these talented bloggers as the year progresses – so at least you can pretend at blogger parties that you were one of the first to notice their awesomeness right?

4 South African blogs to add to your reading list… and I broke them down in to categories so you can make sure they suit you best:


4 South African blogs

My Fro & I

I seriously think that Aisha has one of the best beauty blogs around and I don’t even like beauty blogs (I’m lying, there are a few I check in on a few times but only because I like the women behind them). Go figure. Every single post I read from her just makes me feel like she really spent a considerable amount of time constructing the content and taking the most glorious photos. Her YouTube channel is also pretty impressive – video goals! I think one of the reasons I find myself coming back to Aisha’s piece of the internet is because she really finds a way to make product pieces interesting. Sometimes I think beauty blogs get clogged with product reviews (I feel the same about tech blogs by the way) and, even though there are lots of product features Aisha seems to find a way to make it personal and fun to read… even for someone who really could not be arsed to find out more or even purchase Avocado shampoo.


4 South African blogs

Sleepless in Soweto

Twiggy has this amazing style that I seem to relate to really well. I’ve always found local fashion blogs tend to feature impractical clothing items photographed beautifully in a suburban setting. Truth is, I’m yet to see someone toddling into our office building with a flowing floral dress that costs more than two grand. Sleepless in Soweto doesn’t do that. Their look posts focus on items I wear on a day to day basis from stores I shop at. I love how street style and fashion is dressed up in a funky way. It’s down to earth and it is relatable. I’m a big fan. There is a also a lifestyle section to the blog that is also really fresh and fun.


4 South African blogs

3 kids, 2 dogs and 1 old house

Yes… sometimes I read mommy blogs. Shock, horror… I know. The product features and kid raising tips really just fly right over my head which is why I love spending time on Cindy’s blog. She has this incredible way of just sharing her heart with her readers and you really feel like you know her life and the sympathise, laugh and celebrate with her and her gorgeous family. It’s the reason we all got in to blogging to begin with – to be able to share a special place of our soul with the rest of the world. Cindy does just that. Her hair is also pretty damn rad…. definitely not a parent, can you tell?


4 South African blogs

SA Vibe

I do think that across all blog genres we’ve lost the crux of what blogging is about. We all get the same press releases and, within a few hours, the same content is splattered across the local internet. Boring. Papi from SA Vibe is rather interesting though. While SA Vibe still has the usual press releases he really injects his own personality in to every post. The real beauty of this blog though are the editorial pieces Papi writes and his reviews. Simple and straight to the point minus the usual tech talk, I find his pieces really great to read and thoroughly enjoy his view on gadgets. He also has a motoring section which adds an extra element of cool to it.

Do you have any local blogs you always go back to? Share their links in the comments below. 




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