Great geek gifts for your guy

What better way to figure out what geek gifts to get for our guy than by asking a guy, right? I asked Ruan Fourie from gevaaalik.com to help out this year. Here is his selection of great geek gifts for your guy. THAT WATCH!!

Men. Weird creatures. And I can say that because I would know, I’m a man myself. Current man problem: What do we want for Christmas?

I’m going to be brutally honest with you, most of us don’t know what we want for Christmas. That is why we have lady friends, so they can decide for us. I know for a fact that my wife just loves making my choices for me. Ah… jokes.

Anyway, if you need some gifting ideas for the man in your life, be it brother, father, boyfriend, fiance or husband, here are some great gift ideas from Mantality.com.

Nixon Star Wars Imperial Pilot Watch

geek gifts for your guy

If there are two things that most men love, it’s Star Wars and cool time pieces. Combine the two and you’ve got a clear winner. Nixon make some really cool time pieces and their new Star Wars range is amazing.

This is my personal favourite, the Imperial Pilot watch. In fact, I’m showing my wife this right now. If your man is not a fan of the dark side like I am, there are other choices of Nixon Star Wars Watches. One to fit every man’s wrist. These are so badass, I can see them on women’s wrists too.

Coopers DIY Microbrewery Craft Beer Kit

geek gifts for your guy

Nothing makes a man feel more manly than making things with our own hands. If what we make is beer, we are in heaven. You have not seen a man happier than a man drinking beer he brewed himself. Enter the Coopers DIY Microbrewery Craft Beer Kit.

This handy craft beer brewing kit comes with everything your guy needs to brew his first 23 litres of beer. Buy it today and in 2-3 weeks your man will be sipping on the sweet rewards of his own craft beer. Plus once he has the kit he can buy everything he needs to brew more beer right here. Stout, Pilsner, Lager or IPA and more as easy as possible.

Star Wors 3 piece Braai Set

geek gifts for your guy

Men love to braai, we also love to laugh and nothing makes us laugh with our buddies more than a silly pun joke. Yes, saying something like: “Star Wors” will do the trick. May the sauce be with you. I’m going to stop now.

Every man that has a braai needs decent braai utensils, and the Star Wors three Piece Braai set has what we need. Bonus points if you get the Star Wors Apron too.

Your guy is lucky to have you and if you get him any of these gifts, he is going to be even luckier. Mantality is full of great goodies for guys. You can even get him a gift voucher and then he can choose his own gift. Because every man loves doing shopping from the comfort of his underwear.

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