The perfect game for you – we break down our December favourites

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Playstation 4. I’ve been PC gaming off my brother’s set up for years and I desperately wanted my own console so I dictated the time I got to play – not him.

Unfortunately, just after the Playstation arrived so did the end of year rush at work and I was left with a pile of games that I’ve only briefly been able to play. This December I plan to sit down and give each of them the time they deserve. As a second thought to the initial one I’ve put down here (journalists the world over bash their heads against their desk) I also recently met a girl at an event who told me her and her boyfriend had gone halves on a console and she desperately wanted to start gaming. However, she felt a little bit overwhelmed by the selection of games on offer and had no clue which one she would like. I’ve added the games you should probably play this December below, but I’ve also given you a short explanation as to why it might appeal to you – just to help you along!

1. Star Wars Battlefront

star wars battlefront

This action shooter video game beautifully creates the Star Wars universe with mind blowing graphics and the epic music to match. Expect to shoot an array of weapons on many of the iconic planets us geeks have come to love. You also have the opportunity to play as some faces you’ll recognise like Darth Vader and pilot a few of your favourites from the movie, including the Millennium Falcon.

Perfect for the girl who: Really just wants to be gloriously enthralled by the images around her and shoot at things. Being a Star Wars fan is a necessity and, if you’re a fan of pairing up and shooting at other people in a multiplayer set up you’ll love this one. The fun of Star Wars Battlefront lives in the online multiplayer. If you’re new to gaming and terrified of venturing online, never fear, offline still ranks rather highly (so long as you aren’t in to developing characters and a great plot… this is Star Wars, you know all that stuff already).

2. Just Cause 3

just cause 3

It’s not going to win any Oscars for the plot but this open world action adventure game is pretty damn fun if you’re into crazy destruction and exploring your surroundings. You get to play as Rico Rodriguez (I’m a sucker for crazy Latino men) and your goal is to remove an evil dictator from the seat of power in your home country (a fictional Mediterranean island). It’s an adventure more than anything. You’ll love the wingsuit, grappling hook and parachute which really let you explore this immersive world.

Perfect for the girl who: wants a few hours to fully immerse herself in a world she can explore and destroy as she wishes. There are a host of fun side plots to keep you occupied and almost anything on the island can be blown up if you decide that is a good idea. It is the escape you need to unwind.

3. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

rainbow six siege

It’s a shooting game. You’re going to shoot people. You get to play as an operator for a counter terrorist unit. Each operator has different functions and abilities. One operator can stun enemies with an electric shock… I was sold. It’s a typical war game. You’ve seen them before. This one has a strong emphasis on team work though so really best played online.

Perfect for the girl who: is a badass and wants to blow up the boys.

4. Need for Speed 2015

need for speed

21 games later – you’re hopefully aware of the Need for Speed franchise by now. The latest game sees you playing to impress some street racing (and motorsport) legends. You’re basically just customising and racing cars. You know how it goes. You’ll get to watch your car from a host of new camera angles including the newly added action cam. There are also a few different gameplay options like speed, crew, style, build and outlaw. It’s car racing and its fun.

Perfect for the girl who: is rolling in cash. You need to be online all the time to appreciate this one. Watch your data disappear.

Which game can you not wait to play this December? 

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