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Dating but via Video Games? LovelUP plans to make this a reality

Imagine being able to go on video game dates. Forget awkward online conversations on online dating sites or swiping right on Tinder…. you’d simply play your favourite games with another gamer and determine if he is someone you’d like to spend more time with.

lovelup app

I’ve done my share of online dating in the past and I’m still rather cynical about the success of it. It didn’t work for me and I’ve heard some horror stories from my friends. That’s why LovelUp intrigued me. It’s a free app for Android and IOS users that recently started Beta Testing. The idea is that you use the app to find other single gamers and then you go on “gaming dates” together online.

lovelup app

Chatting to Raymond Walintukan, the CEO and co-founder of LovelUp, the app is different from other online “geek” and gamer dating sites. How? Well, instead of the tradition profile set up with a couple of photos and an about you section the dating app offers you a selection of games to play with other single gamers – who are represented only by avatars! According to Walintukin, the idea of not including actual photographs was to encourage a “don’t judge a book by its cover” approach. Instead you can judge them on their game play in titles such as Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, Dota II, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and a selection of Star Wars games.

lovelup app

I noted there was no Mortal Kombat options though which made me a bit sad. I think kicking someone’s ass and then seeing how they deal with it is a great way to determine a compatible match. Just me?

lovelup app

Once you’ve created your Avatar and selected your games the app puts you on a date with another user with similar requests. Once game play is done you’re able to rate the date. Interesting.

Could LovelUp be the future for single gamers? Would you download it? 

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