instagram husband

The Instagram Husband – are you guilty of making your significant other do this?

I once tweeted that I needed a boyfriend to take photos of me in a street somewhere so I could become a fashion blogger. It got a pretty big response and a good few giggles. A few clever folk have jumped on board that idea and created a website called Instagram Husband.

It’s a magic place that offers support and advice to those poor souls who find themselves constantly having to photograph their wives and girlfriends for social media. They also made a video and it is worth 2:44 minutes you’ll spend watching it. Here you go:

This is such a brilliant look at the current culture of our generation. Take some time to have a giggle at the website too:

instagram husband

And now it is time for a little self reflection…. do you have an Instagram Husband?


  • Reply PoisonedBelial December 9, 2015 at 08:30

    That video is amazing!

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