Stocking stuffers: tech gifts for under R100 that don’t suck

Stocking stuffer is the PC word for el cheapo.  Here is our round up of awesome tech gifts for under R100 that don’t suck. These will also make good Secret Santa gifts.

Cord Wrapper, R79 – help your friends avoid the frustration of having to untangle cords. Get this cupcake cord wrapper that not only looks cool, but is functional too. (Superbalist)

This cord wrapper is making me hungry. I fancy cake.

USB Cable, R99 – you can never have too many USB to mini USB cables. Keep one in your laptop bag, car and at home. Tech is awesome, but tech without power? Well that just sucks. (Makro)

I actually need a new cable for my car. I had to get home sans Waze because my phone was flat.

Flash Drive, R89.90 – if your friend works in the media, then don’t bother with this. But if they don’t then it is a good option. This one has space so that you can keep it with your car keys. (HiFi Corp)

A flash drive on your keys is always a good idea. Share music, movies and more. Oh you could also use it for work if you wanted.

Portable Speaker, R90  – turn down for what? These speakers may be small but they pack a punch. Perfect for impromtu parties when all you have is your iPhone. (Musica)

Gear 4 - Espresso Speaker - Green
Funky and functional.


Lego Gift Wrap, R62 and DVD, R29 – if you are the type of person to spend more on the wrapping paper than on the gift then these DVD’s should work out well for you. Movie 43 (weirdest  movie I have ever seen and it has huge stars like Hugh Jackman with balls on his face) or Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.


Always judge a gift by its wrapping paper


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