How to win with Vodacom (and some of my favourite summer tech too!)

Can you feel the summer holidays in the air? I can. December is my favourite month. The world just seems to calm down for a moment and everyone seems a bit happier. I have a few favourite summer tech items I can’t wait to dive in to now that December is finally here:

Back to Snapchat

South Africans to add on Snapchat

I’m like a stuck record. I absolutely love this social media platform. I’ve spent the last few months building my following and then… I stopped snapping. I plan to use December to get back into the swing of Snapping!

All the games

Laughing teenage girls playing with video game

I’m sitting with a ton of games to get through. Top of the pile are the new Need for Speed and Star Wars Battlefront. I cannot wait for some game time.

Cleaning my phone (inside and out)

Verify payments with a selfie

I plan to use the down time to do a full clean of my phone. There are so many apps I don’t use and photos I don’t need so I’m going to do a summer smartphone sweep. I’m also going to clean my actual phone. This is so important. Do you clean your phone regularly?



December usually means presents but, in Vodacom’s case it means prizes, R250 000 worth of them! It’s time to get those Twitter thumbs ready because you need to Retweet to Unlock! First, you’ll need to follow Vodacom on Twitter and keep your eyes glued to their timeline.


Vodacom’s Retweet to Unlock competition will run until midnight on the 15th of December. You need to be a Vodacom subscriber to enter. The best part though? 35 entrants stand a chance to win one of the prize items every week. Just remember, you just need to harass the @Vodacom account with funny and engaging tweets as well as retweet a message from the account using the hashtag #Unlock and #HappyDays.

Now go forth and have a happy December (hopefully with more gadgets in your arsenal that you’ve won!).



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