Bytesized | 4 December

Bytesized your weekly digital dose of tech in snackable bytes. This week Psy owes his daddy a lot of credit, there is always an app for that, instagram gets cooler, go back to the 90’s and more.


Heeeeey sexy ladies…Psy has a new video and it is addictive, funny and catchy as hell.

On the 3rd of December it already had over 23 million views. Gangam Style has 2,464,212,253, and is the most viewed video on YouTube.

AWESOME instagram

Multiple logins for instagram. Yaaaaay! This is going to make life so much easier, no  more resetting passwords everytime I log in with a different account. #FirstWorldProblems


Get the best apps of 2015 right here and no, BBM didn’t make the list.

Cyanide & Happiness


Do you ever wish for the days of dial up internet and that tell tale beep that signalled connected? Or long for a time when Internet Explorer was still cool?

No? Me neither. But to take a trip down memory lane, check out oldweb.today.

back to the 90s
In true 90’s style the site took a while to load, and like dial up internet cut me off after 10 minutes.


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