The best Powerbox yet from By Bento

I get handed portable chargers regularly. They’re the common “press” gift and it drives me mad. Most of them are cheaply made and don’t really work. They also have company branding plastered all over them and it drives me mad.

And then I found By Bento.

I got sent the Powerbox just before I headed to Cape Town for my PayPal adventure. Straight out the box I loved how pretty and funky the design was. It is as heavy as a smartphone and roughly the same size. I got the Ice Cream design and it is so funky.

ByBento (3)

I popped it in my bag and headed to Cape Town. Good that I did that too because when I arrived at my hotel I realised I’d forgotten my phone charger at home. Oops! The By Bento Powerbox comes with a great quality micro USB to USB cable. It runs flat and works a treat. I took the risk and plugged my phone in as I went to bed. The next day my phone battery was fully charged. I didn’t re-charge the Powerbox but headed out on my adventures.

Half way through the day, after far too many Snapchat videos, my phone needed a juice boost. I was a bit stressed that the powerbox wasn’t going to be up to the challenge but it recharged the phone a second time. It’s the portable charger that just keeps on going!

ByBento (7)

What I love about the powerbox is that if you shake it it gives you an indication of battery capacity (even when not plugged in to a device). It has a 10 000mAh capacity meaning it will charge your phone but also your tablet, GPS device or music player. It also has a 2A output which means if you plug it in to your tablet it will charge it reasonably fast.

A big plus for me was the little air vent type feature on the back. The Powerbox didn’t get incredibly hot when charging, something I find common in its competitors.

ByBento (5)

Here’s some extras you might not know about portable chargers:

The By Bento Powerbox has an output rating of 2A. The higher the output rating the more quickly the powerbank will charge your device HOWEVER, keep in mind that if your smartphone only supports a 1A input it isn’t going to charge faster on the By Bento (it will charge though). Your tablet or Samsung phone will charge faster though. Winning!

ByBento (6)

The By Bento Powerbox also has an auto on off feature which is pretty rad. It means when you plug your device in it immediately starts charging and when it is fully charged it stops. Bonus.

ByBento (4)

I loved the By Bento Powerbox so much that we now stock them in our Tech Girl Store! Woohoo. If you want to check out the funky colour options head on over here. This one is a great useful gift to give yourself – you deserve it!

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