How to fake a call

Stuck listening to the office gossip for 20 minutes? In a meeting that is dragging on? Having dinner with that Facebook friend? An awkward date? We’ve all been in situations like these and we usually have to go with the flow. But not anymore because there is an app for that.

You won’t be judged by friends who you have asked begged to call you with an emergency that needs your attention right now. Think of it as becoming your own wingman.

Fake Call 2

fake call 2 appAs the name suggests, there was a Fake Call 1, so Fake Call 2 is obviously the better one*.

What can you do with this app? More like what can’t you do.


Key features: create a fake call with an image, number and even record your own voice. You know, the basic stuff.

More features: trick your friends that a celeb is calling your phone. That line was taken straight from the app descirption. I got a call from none other than Oom Steve.

steve hofmyer

You could also pretend that you have a hot significant other. This is particularly helpful when someone you don’t like back is hitting on you. Do the kids still say hitting on you?

Other features include teaching your children how to use phones, but my favourite has to be “prank call yourself”.

fake call e card

Get it for Android. Not available on iOS, but you can get pretty much the same thing here.

*Fake Call 3 also exists, but it had a lower rating than version 2.

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