geeky home decor ideas

5 geeky home decor ideas

I’m the process of moving house. It’s a big undertaking moving into a new spot. While I’ve gone the lazy route and asked my friend Alan to help me out with furniture and a place to actually live (I’ll share that story on my personal blog soon), I’ve still been on the look out for a few geeky accessories that will turn a house into a home.

Here are my favourites so far:

1. Comic Book Bedding


I found this gorgeous bedding in Raru’s new Merch section. While it might turn many a man away from my room I’m not even phased. It’s far too cool!

2. Pixel Heart Decor


Because I realise that I’m possibly over doing it with the comic book bedding – I might add a little pixel heart embellishment to my headboard at some stage. Locally you can get these vinyl stickers from Raru.

3. Storm Trooper Rug


It’s white, which means it might pick up dirt BUT it is going to look rather awesome under my new coffee table. You can get it here and it should be delivered in little under 10 to 15 days.

4. Harry Potter Keys


Technically this is for a baby’s nursery (I found the inspiration on Pinterest) but I figure I could get away with something like this somewhere in my house. Truth be told I don’t know where – I just dig it!

5. Star Wars Talking Plushies


Confession – my friend bought me this Yoda talking plushie for Christmas last year. It has pride of place on my backpack. When you squish it he talks (great to scare people who push up against you in airport queues!). You can also add them to kitchen drawer handles or even house keys for a little bit of a Star Wars pick me up during the day. You can purchase your favourite character here.

I’ve narrowed this down to 5 items but, if you head over to the new sections on Raru’s website you’ll likely be there for hours making lists longer than your arm. They have this fantastic Merch section filled with Disney, Lego and Star Wars items or you can check out Hobbies & Toys for your geek fix.

I’ll share the best kept secret though – in the Merch section they have a Novelty tab. It is filled with incredible geeky household items. I’m patiently waiting for my friends to bring Raru purchased housewarming gifts. No pressure!

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