Do something extreme with PayPal

I get to do the most amazing things courtesy of Tech Girl. I’ve lived life on the edge and enjoyed the extreme. From bungee jumping to Sky Diving I’ve had my adrenaline rush. Seeing Cape Town from a Gyrocopter though? That was right up there with some of the best experiences I’ve had.

While these are ultimately experiences that go down in the imaginary book of awesome in my head, I’m always a bit disappointed that I can’t take you with me. I so desperately want you to see the same things and enjoy the same moments.

I was able to share my Gyrocopter ride with UK Blogger Steve Booker, as he attempts to visit 8 countries in 2 weeks funding the trip only with PayPal. He paid for our Gyrocopter trips via the PayPal app – no cards or cash needed! I wanted to try, somehow, give you a small taste of the #PoleToPole journey – so I made a little video.

The video was shot on a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition (handheld) and my trusty Nikon for the ground shots. Edited on Premiere Pro. Song credit goes to the incredible South African muso Jeremy Loops. Take a watch and let me know if you’re amped to do something extreme with PayPal?


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