Can you travel the world using only PayPal?

With the rise of payment apps and online banking, cash is becoming as outdated as pass books (those were around before credit cards in case you were wondering). I never have bank notes on me any more (a bitch when you’re attempting to pay for covered parking).

paypal app
Steve using PayPal to pay for our Gyrocopter rides.

One of the first payment apps I started using was PayPal. I used the payment option predominantly for online purchases and, when Tech Girl started up, I used it as a means to invoice clients and keep a record of payment. Your PayPal account offers up that functionality at no additional cost.

poletopolePAYPAL (1)

Snapping Steve’s awkward climb into the Gyrocopter – obvs! 

Renowned UK blogger and You Tuber Steve Booker wanted to take the use of payment apps one step further and find out if you can actually travel the world using only PayPal. He started his #PoleToPole journey on the 16th of October and aimed to visit 8 countries on 3 continents in two weeks. Steve left the UK with no cash and is using only his PayPal account to finance the trip. Upping the anti a bit, in each country, Steve meets up with a local influencer and embarks on an epic adventure to help him get as much of his new stop in as possible.

Gyrocopter Cape Town
My incredible pilot and funky Orange ride!

It’s the adventure of a life time and I jumped at the chance to be his South African partner in crime when he touched down in Cape Town. Steve had already visited Svalbard in Norway, Moscow in Russia, Berlin in Germany, Paris in France and Barcelona in Spain. Needless to say he was pretty exhausted when he got off the plane. We headed off to the Fisantekraal airfield. Obviously, with just under 24 hours in the mother city, the only way to truly experience the beauty of our country was from the air.

Steve booker
Helping Steve with all his tech gear as he gets into the Gyrocopter

I wanted to add a little bit of crazy fun to the mix so what better way than viewing Cape Town from a GYROCOPTER? Being the absolute gentleman, Steve paid Sky Adventures for our air flips using the PayPal app on his phone. I’ve done some pretty hair raising and extreme stuff in my life… the Gyrocopter experience was up there with the best. It was truly the most surreal experience flying above Blouberg Strand and waving at surfers. I was in awe of how beautiful this country of ours is and so proud to be able to show it off to Steve.

PayPal PoleToPole
Steve in the Gyrocopter and ready for take off!

Meeting someone like Booker was also an experience. He arrived with a giant suitcase that is any techie’s dream. Lens, GoPros, recording equipment and a host of cameras spilled out. Watching him work and create the most incredible content (I got a few sneak peeks of the Cape Town footage and it is mind blowing) was inspirational. The man’s a rockstar (albeit an exhausted one).

PayPal PoleToPole
And we’re off!

After our sky flying adventure Steve headed off to his Air BnB (they accept PayPal payments by the way) to edit footage before heading off on a rather long journey to the southern most country in the world Ushuaia. It’s the final spot in the #PoleToPole journey. I’ll have some video content up tomorrow highlighting our adventure and if you want the real time experience you can watch the Snapchat Story:


My favourite part of the day? When Steve said that the Gyrocopter ride was one of his favourite experiences of all time. We nailed it South Africa!

You can download relevant PayPal app for your phone or tablet here. Follow the #PoleToPole hashtag on social media to keep up with Steve’s journey. Do you think he can travel the world using only PayPal?


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