4 Geeky South African Online Stores

Online shopping is amazing. There is so much choice and it is so easy. Click, buy and it gets delivered. It’s like a gift to yourself. Here are 4 geeky proudly South African online stores you need to check out.

That’s Geek

A comprehensive online store for all things geek. From action figures, toys, bags, games and home & kitchen, this site has it all.


This site is not the cheapest as these are mainly collector’s items and they are all sourced from the USA. I saw that the price went from R0 to R152 174. I had to check the highest. So for R152 174 you can get a replica of Beta Ray Bill’s Stormbreaker Hammer. 

stormbreaker hammer
This is what R150k looks like.

Delivery notes: the delivery fee is calculated depending on the delivery address. Products take 10-14 working days.

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Described as SA’s number one store for men, this store is for everyone who likes awesome stuff. There are sections like hi-tech, novelty and gadgets. While the grooming section may not appeal to women, this site is still cool.


Delivery notes: free delivery on R499 or more. If less the cost of deilvery is shown.

Geek Crate

We’re all familiar with box subscriptions – food, beauty and health boxes delivered to your door for a fee. Now we have boxes for geeks. Geek Crate recently launched its first box. For only R300 a month you get mystery comic books, clothing, tickets, collectables and more.

This was the demo box to give subscribers an idea of what they would be getting.

Delivery notes: goes out monthly and the R300 includes the delivery fee.

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Geek Shirts

No geek is complete without a geeky t-shirt. Geek Shirts answers this calling with a variety of prints to suit any mood.  And at only R150 a pop, you can get as many as you want.


Delivery notes: not included in the fee. Delivery starts at R60.

How did this get in here? Tech Girl has an online store, in case you were wondering. 🙂


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