I recently decided to quit smoking. Yup, I’m guilty of that habit. I did some research on electronic cigarettes and decided they were a better option to the tar and tobacco I was sucking in to my lunges. It was time to make the jump to the Twisp.

Discover Your Twisp

My smartphone goes with me everywhere. It’s my daily companion and I’m on it every few minutes of the day. My Twisp has become a companion to my smartphone. You see, it also goes everywhere with me and, while I don’t use it as much as my phone, it has become a staple in my handbag.

Discover Your Twisp

Smartphones come in different sizes, brands and with various operating systems. That’s because a gadget that spends that much time with you is a rather personal thing. You have a list of requirements that it needs to meet and your list is very different from mine. The same goes for your electronic cigarette. Twisp has three different devices, namely the Aero, Solo and Edge.

Discover Your Twisp

Each has various characteristics that cater to your specific needs and you can determine which Twisp suits you.

Maybe you’re the serious business man who needs the occasional big break, the social vaper looking for a day time companion or the fashion forward vixen intent on looking stylish and keeping it sleek? There’s only one way to figure out who you are.

Discover your Twisp here and then let us know in the comments below which Twisp user you are? 

Discover Your Twisp

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